Welcome to our patient Safety Blog

We understand the importance of patient safety in our patient practice and in our parallel patient safety software business Single Point of Truth Medical Software, LLC. Patient and health care professional (HCP) attention to the details of patient safety has benefited patient outcomes in nearly every study published in the medical literature about the subject. By my own design, my email is bombarded with the ever increasing volume of information about patient safety; a volume of literature that has been expanding at a prodigious rate. HCP’s can find it daunting to keep up to date about this patient safety information and they are trained health care providers. Patients can be overwhelmed or confused by the information.

Patients can claim expertise as end users of patient safety processes since they are frequently the recipients of medical and surgical procedures. However, besides a basic good feeling that the patient experiences about the safety process surrounding their health care delivery, the patients are usually not formally educated in basic and advanced patient safety so that they may critically analyze the safety of their care.

Ferreting through jargon and abbreviation filled surgical literature about patient safety can easily confuse the non-HCP reader. Some of the patient safety information sites and blogs that I have seen are so boring in their presentation that the attention of the reader wanes long before information can be transferred to the reader.

We are new to the blog space, but not new to the patient surgical care and patient safety spaces. We plan to improve the cosmetic appearance of the blog to please the eye of the viewer and to make posts of information handy for patient review and use. We plan to interview experts in patient safety and post the interviews on the blog site. Everything has its beginning and here goes the beginning of our patient safety site.