Surgical Safety for patients now getting a boost from SafeStart


SafeStart: a paradigm shift in surgical safety checklist use in the operating room or not just another checklist.

Silence of the author of this blog should not be interpreted as lack of interest in the subject matter of patient safety. Rather the admin, Dr. Vazquez has been consumed with the production of a patient safety software product intended for use by surgeons and surgical facilities and by about anyone anywhere performing invasive procedures on patients anywhere in the world.

The SafeStart patient safety and surgical efficiency mobile iOS software product nears completion for widespread release and use. The SafeStart team who I will later introduce to blog readers has been mired in completion of a patient portal.

SafeStart permits patients and parents or guardians of patients to participate in the construction and review of the surgical safety time out checklist that is used in the operating room just prior to making a surgical incision. Such patient participation in the surgical safety process is unprecedented!

SafeStart addresses the issues of the never errors discussed previously in this patient safety blog such as wrong patient, wrong operation, wrong side, and wrong site with an innovative process not found elsewhere in surgical safety products designed for the trade. SafeStart considers patient participation in the surgical safety process and patient satisfaction with the safety process to important though not critical to the use of SafeStart.

The medical facilities and professional health care providers who use SafeStart also anticipate improvement in the efficiency of the operating room and pre-operative area surgical safety activities. A reduction in the anxiety of patients and staff follows from the use of such a product and should benefit all stakeholders.

I plan to share videos about the product in this blog and to share some of the materials that explain its use.

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